Ngee Teck Huat Group

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    The founder of Ngee Teck Huat Group, Mr Pua Chon Teck has been planting and supplying fresh vegetables to Singapore and Malaysia since the year 1995.
    Ngee Teck Huat Group began with 10 employees and 10 acres of land. In 2005, the company leased a shop lot to process vegetable packaging. Years of booming business led Ngee Teck Huat Group to purchase a medium-sized factory in 2014 to serve as its base of operations. In the same year, the company acquired packing machines to improve its efficiency and grow its business. By 2021, Ngee Teck Huat Group would acquire the land needed to build a semi-large-sized factory, which would be equipped with automated vegetable packaging equipment, manned by more than 200 trained workers and systematically managed.
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